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Updated November 25, 2021

We want our riders to be as prepared as possible for the changes here at Eastlink Park.

Some of our new protocols will include:

  • Face masks will be required to be worn at all times in the chalet.
  • Physical distancing and face masks will be required in lift lines and on the lifts.
  • There will be limited indoor services. No indoor seating, no indoor storage, no vending, and chalet capacity will also be limited.

We recommend that guests be prepared to use their vehicle to gear up, store bags, and eat lunch. Guests are more than welcome to tailgate within your cohort or while maintaining social distancing.

Be prepared to be outside on the hill for the day.

Ski Well, Be Well

The Canadian Ski Council has developed 'Ski Well, Be Well – Ski Area Operating Best Practices'. Read more here.

Face Coverings

Appropriate face coverings will be a big part of your riding experience at Eastlink Park this season. We require an appropriate face covering inside our chalet, in our lift lines, on our lifts and during lessons.

Appropriate Face Coverings

An appropriate face covering should ideally be at least 2 layers, fit snugly over your nose and mouth and not have any holes or gaps inn the material. Some examples of inappropriate face coverings are knitted scarves, Air Hole masks with the hole in the face covering and anything else that is a single thin layer and loose fitting.

No Exceptions

Eastlink Park will not allow any exceptions to our face coverings policy. This policy is a vital piece to our safe operating guidelines and not following this policy puts our guests and staff at greater risk of COVID exposure. We appreciate that some people have a medical exemption for wearing a face covering. However, AHS recommends anyone that cannot medically wear a face covering should avoid any public place where physical distancing cannot be guaranteed.

Current Government Restrictions

This season we will continue to follow the mask mandate and social distancing protocols as set out by the Government of Alberta. As we have no food service or indoor seating this year, the Restriction Exemption Program does not apply to us. Should the Alberta Government mandates change, reassessment will be required. Everyone is encouraged to use our new wind shelters and accompanying fire pits.

Thank you for supporting Eastlink Park through these ever changing times, and we look forward to having a successful season with you.