The Winter Recreation Park, now Eastlink Park, is a joint community initiative made possible through the combined efforts of the Town of Whitecourt, Woodlands County, Whitecourt Woodlands Winter Recreation Park Society, volunteers, sponsors and community partners.

Skiing, snowboarding, and winter recreation activities have had a long history in our Whitecourt and Woodlands communities. The first skiing took place informally on the site of this existing in-Town facility and in Woodlands County on Whitecourt Mountain – on sites wherever people could find a good slope, good terrain, and easy access to hike back to the top! This informal use evolved into the formation of the first Whitecourt Ski Club; and in the 1970’s the group developed a facility on the site we have today. The facility featured a heated shelter, a T-bar lift, and groomed runs and was a great addition to the community. It was very successful during the 1970's and early 1980's; but unfortunately closed in the early 1980's due to the loss of key volunteers and fire damage to the shelter.

The Ski Club re-formed several years later, and building on the success of past experiences, made the decision to expand operations to create an enhanced facility on Whitecourt Mountain, located approximately 20 km south west of Whitecourt. Improvements were made to the site, and it operated for several years, but ceased operations for a number of reasons – access, high costs for development, and weather patterns.

After a number of years, a group of dedicated volunteers came together with the goal of re-establishing a winter recreation park for the area. Extensive public input was obtained; and a decision was made to resurrect the in-Town site we have today. The group's vision was to create a fun, affordable, and family friendly facility, easily accessed by all users. As seen by the development to date, the Whitecourt Woodlands Winter Recreation Park Society has accomplished a tremendous amount of work in a short time and is extremely excited to see the park open for the 2015/2016 season.

Our Mission is to provide an affordable, fun, family experience.

Phone 780-746-3000

100 Roszko Lane
Whitecourt, AB
T7S 0A9

Off 43rd Avenue & 35th Street in the Hilltop Industrial Area.
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Whitecourt Transit will be running a seasonal bus stop
to Eastlink Park (the Winter Recreation Park) during the season.

Eastlink Park - A True Community Partnership
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